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When a homeowner or property manager properly cares for their Trane heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces, they may heat and cool your office and house for more than a decade. You are very busy, so if you can not work in an hour twice a year to perform heating and air equipment maintenance, call your local air conditioning repair contractor for their low-priced service offered between the heating and cooling seasons. Trane manufacturers top quality air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces have warranties up to ten years however they should be maintained in peak condition.

The average homeowner can remove the circuit breaker to your HVAC a couple of times a year and very carefully remove the condenser cover. In most designs, it is located in the rear by the unit's coil. Use a garden hose with the water turned down low so you do not bend the fins on the coil, to wash away dirt and debris.

If there is a removable filter, remove it and place the filter in a wash pan or kitchen sink full of hot, soapy water. Let it bathe and then clean it lightly with soap. Ring out excess water and set in the sun to dry before reinstalling it. While it dries, cautiously wipe all of the other debris away from the device. Wipe down both the outer cover and round the springs within. Reinstall the dry filtration system and put the circuit breaker back and turn on the power.

Once or twice a year, the condensate drain pipe will need to be cleaned, too. The condensate drain tube must be checked, too. You may have to push a brush through the drain line to break loose dirt that often builds up. Algae will be a problem in most cases, so pour a chlorine bleach and water solution through the pipe.

Your furnace , air conditioner and heat pump will continue to work efficiently, keeping your power bills as low as possible, by maintaining them on a regular schedule. Examining their filtration systems and condensate drainage pipe at least two times a year to ensure proper function of the HVAC equipment, no mater who manufactured it. However, in case you are having a hard time heating and cooling your structure, you will probably have to perform the cleaning three or four times a year, it just depends on your heating and air conditioning equipment's location.

For many, taking care work on your Trane air conditioner and heat pump is not possible so you would be wise to consider buying a regular maintenance plan from a local air conditioning repair contractor. At the very least, have the air filter replaced once a month to keep the coils and duct work clean and running efficiently. Having a furnace repair and air conditioning professional periodically clean the unit regularly will assure that the heating and cooling equipment is able to cool your structure for many summers and heat it for many winters into the future.