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A plumbing profession is one which is not as easy as it seems. A plumber has to have the knowledge to repair several items such as

  1. Leaking pipe
  2. Leaking / spoilt tap
  3. Problems with the water system
  4. Chokes in the toilet bowl or floor trap
  5. Installation of pipe


The above are just some of the repair skills you need along with many other repair skills. These are skills that are acquired with time and experience. Along with this skills are the sacrifices a plumber has to make in order to gain business. This includes lack of sleep when you are called out for an emergency at 4am. Not forgetting that some of the job can turn out to be very unpleasant due to either the client or a situation where you have to deal with human waste that are causing chokes. Other cons of the job you have to deal with is that there are no holidays for you. Add on to the fact that charges remain the same on holidays due to the competitive nature of the market, there are no perks for you to work on holidays at all.


On the bright side, being a plumber can mean a huge paycheck. A simple job would earn you around $50 – $70 per job. A harder job would earn you around $100 – $200 per job. Multiply this by 4 jobs a day and 30 days, you are looking at a monthly income of $12,000. Thou one should not forget to deduct your operating and marketing cost. The sum you should be comfortably taking home per month is about $5k minimum.