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How to Make More Sales and Get More Customers with SEO

Introduction to Bottom-Up SEO Approach

I'm going to show you guys how to use a bottom-up SEO approach, what exactly that is, and why it's such a good approach, especially with Google's new algorithm update. So, a lot of people are trying to justify what really SEO is and why it's valuable.

The Misconception of SEO

And so many people get crooked when it comes to SEO because often an agency is just going to show you charts of numbers going up, especially a lot of numbers. But you realize it doesn't always correlate to increased sales.

And why this happens is because it's so easy to put out a lot of article-based content. And these are just articles on specific topics that are going to rank well. And they're going to bring in a lot of people viewing it, but these don't convert.

"A good example would be if you're an HVAC company and you're speaking about the heat in the area you operate or climate change, that sort of thing, it's going to have a lot of people searching it and a lot of people want to click on it and you might have authority in that topic and get a really good ranking for this keyword."

Transactional Keywords

But that's not going to relate to more sales. And the bottom-up SEO approach is simply the inverse of that where we're going to go for keywords that don't get a lot of views. It doesn't get a lot of traffic, but they're very high and precise in terms of sales.

So let's take an example where we're going to create a landing page. And I've got an example here for incense sticks. So let's say we have a store that sells incense sticks and products related to incense sticks.

Identifying Transactional Keywords

The first thing you want to do is you want to identify an actual transactional keyword regardless. So in the sense, in the terms for holders for incense sticks, this is a transactional keyword and I'll show you how I found that.

Bottom-Up Content Strategy

"Okay. Another way I can find this is when I go and I plug in holders for incense sticks I see the first thing that comes up is products meaning to satisfy the search holders for incense sticks Google wants you to push a product forward."


So I said here SEO for Realtors is Um, let's see what comes up. I can just by looking at these pages, okay, except for SEMrush, I can see that this is sort of, um, these are pretty much blog pages.

You want to add the main page to these articles, you want to add these articles to the main page. So essentially you're going to have something that looks like, um, let me get a pen. This page is going to point to here, it's going to point to here, it's going to point to here.

"What you want to do is then you want to just redirect it to this main page. So let's say this article here, let's say this last one, gets no traffic."

And so that should get you a lot of authority on this main keyword that you want to rank for. And now you can see, you can just apply that to every keyword you want to rank for.

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