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HVAC Email Marketing: 10 Steps to Engage Leads.

HVAC email marketing is a powerful way to grow your audience, turn leads into customers, and build loyalty. If you've seen mixed results with your email efforts, it's time to refine your strategy. Here's how HVAC contractors can boost their email game and see better open rates.

Why HVAC Companies Need Email Marketing

In the HVAC business, time is tight, but ignoring email marketing is a mistake. Here's why it matters:

HVAC business owner

Boosts Lead Generation

Your HVAC business may be booming now, but demand can shift quickly. Email marketing keeps your lead pipeline full, ensuring you're ready for anything. It turns website visitors into potential customers by offering value in exchange for their contact info. With more leads in your funnel, your business stays ahead.

Increases Conversions

Turning leads into customers isn't always straightforward, but email marketing can make a difference. It builds relationships through education and direct communication. When leads know more about your services and feel connected, they're more likely to become customers.

Engages Customers

Email isn't just for leads. Your long-term customers appreciate feeling remembered and valued too. Go beyond the basics—send personalized messages for birthdays or special occasions and offer exclusive discounts to thank them for their loyalty. This personal touch strengthens connections and keeps your business top of mind.

Boosts Sales

Email marketing isn't just about keeping in touch; it's a direct line to higher sales. New customers, fresh off a positive conversion experience, are primed for more purchases. Even those not initially in the market for HVAC services this year might reconsider when tempted by an irresistible offer. Email makes these transactions seamless and timely, directly impacting your bottom line.

Design Your Email Template

With your chosen email marketing software in hand, it’s time to craft your first email template. This might be for newsletters, welcome emails, or other regular communications. Use drag-and-drop features for easy template creation. Save your templates for future use, streamlining your process.

HVAC email marketing

Craft Engaging Content

Now, focus on the content, starting with the subject line. Since 35 percent of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone, it’s crucial to get it right. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Use emojis judiciously.

  • Avoid all caps and spammy language.

  • Steer clear of special characters.

  • Aim for 9 to 60 characters.

For the email body, follow these guidelines for engaging content:

  • Keep paragraphs short—no more than three sentences.

  • Use visuals or bullet points to break up text.

  • Include links, but avoid spamming. Make the destination clear, e.g., “schedule your furnace maintenance here.”

Collect Leads and Segment Your List

Your marketing efforts, including the strategies discussed, should start filling your email list with leads. Next, segment your audience based on criteria like demographics or service needs (e.g., heating vs. cooling). This segmentation enables personalized email experiences.

HVAC Email Marketing

Monitor and Test Your Campaigns

Once your campaign is live, track its performance. Key metrics include the email open rate and click-through rate. The HVAC industry averages a 23 percent open rate and a 3 percent click-through rate. These benchmarks are your starting points for optimization.

Adjust and refine your strategy based on these insights. A/B testing different email elements, from subject lines to call-to-actions, can help identify what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. This ongoing process of testing and learning is crucial for improving your email marketing effectiveness and achieving your HVAC business goals.


So how can I start getting HVAC leads?

That's a fantastic question. There are a couple of different ways to get more HVAC leads. However, one stands out and absolutely crushes. This is SEO for HVAC businesses. Being first on Google is the biggest Hack for HVAC companies and pretty much any local business at that.

I mean just take a look at this HVAC business's last 30-day performance. Their 3rd month with us. 👇

HVAC SEO Results

38% more phone calls and almost double the amount of searches. These directly correlated to increased revenue (21% increased Revenue was a great way to kick off 2024.)

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